Ginger Cat Productions is in association with Second2None Sound in Juneau, AK. We offer on location audio recording. Stems are then sent to Second2None Sound for mixing, mastering, and distribution. We offer reasonable and affordable pricing, please contact for more information.

Ginger Cat Production also offers beat production and backing tracks for musicians and artists. We have a wide bank of sounds and samples to assist in creation of your music if needed. Work with us to find the sound that you've been looking for.



Manner is currently in a Hip-Hop group called “Diatribe NW” & is currently on a solo Hip-Hop venture with creative his music that describes his life & style.

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The Ferengis

Funk/Fusion band hailing from Salem, Oregon. This four-piece band mix electronic and funk music like it's never been done before. They give an energetic and fun performance wherever they play. They are currently working on their first album.

Cody Andrews

Cody Andrews

Cody is a Hip-Hop artist from Vancouver, Washington. With inspirations such as Eminem, Dr. Dre, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, he has manifested his own unique sound that rival the greats. He released his first full length album January 29, 2018, selling out his albums at the release show.

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Future Musicians

Do you want to record an album? Do you want to be represented by Ginger Cat Productions? Looking for some footage performances to share? Contact us at or fill out the contact form on our home page to find out how we can help.